Organizing Winter Clothes

Repurposing clear bags to organize winter clothing so that they are easy to take out, I don’t forget where I store them and I don’t forget what winter clothing I still have

I got a few of these bags for free when I bought the children’s milk powder. Instead of throwing them away, I repurposed them to keep my winter clothes. Why I like these clear bags is because I can see through them and I won’t forget what I store in them. Another advantage is I don’t need to label them.

I folded the clothes nicely and arranged them in the bag. When everything was sorted nicely in the bag, it would look nice despite the bag was transparent. But if the clothes were stuffed into the bag, it would definitely look ugly when one were to see through it.

At the sides, I slotted in the gloves and ear warmers.

Ta-daa….every cloth and jacket was nicely arranged in the bags.

The last step was putting them away nicely into the wardrobe.


Hi! I’m Josephine Yap and I’m a clutter liberation expert, a wife, a daughter, a homemaker, and a mom to my active triplet boys. I’m super passionate about decluttering. My wish is to share my decluttering journey so that everyone get inspired to reduce the clutter, make their life at home easier, and enjoy the comfort of their space at home with the people their love.

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