Organizing Manuals and Warranty Cards of Electrical Appliances

Organizing the manuals and warranty cards so they can be easy to manage, found easily, and hassle free to put back

Without realizing, I had kept too many manuals and warranty cards. As such, problems that occurred to me:
1. Most of the warranty cards had expired and they were no longer required to keep.
2. I had difficulty tracking warranties that were still valid and expired.
3. Receipts of expired warranties which were no longer valid and required to keep. (Some warranty cards need the receipts as proof of purchase and date of purchase)
4. It was so hard to find the manuals when I needed them.
5. Manuals, which the appliances were discarded, were still in the bags.
6. Duplicate manuals which were taking up space.
7. Unrelated things were also in the manuals.

My progress of decluttering:
1. I discarded the expired receipts and warranty cards.
2. I discarded the unwanted manuals which the equipments are already discarded.
3. I discarded the duplicate manuals.
4. I removed the unrelated things, i.e. things that were neither manuals nor warranty cards.

My progress of organizing:
1. I went through all the manuals and identified the similarities between the manuals.
2. With the similarities found, I was able to identify the categories, i.e.:
a) Warranty cards
b) Manuals for Working Appliances
c) Manuals for General Household Appliances
d) Manuals for Cleaning & Washing Appliances
e) Manuals for Cooking Appliances
f) Manuals for Entertainment Appliances
3. I grouped the manuals together into those categories.

I used a file to store the manuals and warranty cards. I made a label for each file and each file was used to store each category.


All the manuals and warranty cards nicely filed.

Then, I came up with 2 methods, depending on the requirements:
1. Using a binder to hold the files together. This method is good if the files and manuals aren’t many and this method is less space consuming.
2. Using file holder to keep the files. This method is useful when there’s a lot of manuals in each files and many files to store. Binder won’t be able to hold the manuals and files.

Method 1:
I used a binder to hold all the files together.

Method 2:
I used a file holder to store all the files. I also labeled the file holder for easy finding.

The items I used to make this organizing happened:
1. File (From MR DIY)
2. File holder (From Daiso)
3. Binder
4. White card paper (230 gsm) (From Popular bookstore)
5. Sharpie black pen
6. Pen
7. Ruler
8. Scissor
9. Labels (a gift from Japan from a friend)

Things I used to organize.


Hi! I’m Josephine Yap and I’m a clutter liberation expert, a wife, a daughter, a homemaker, and a mom to my active triplet boys. I’m super passionate about decluttering. My wish is to share my decluttering journey so that everyone get inspired to reduce the clutter, make their life at home easier, and enjoy the comfort of their space at home with the people their love.

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