Organizing Children’s Outdoor Scooters and Bikes

Using masking tapes and marker pen to create spaces to park the children’s scooters and bikes neatly, with ease and no more shouting from mommy to ask them to put back.


Previously, my children had no place to properly park their bikes and scooter. So they just dumped all their outdoor bikes and scooters at one corner of the house. It drove me nuts just to ask them to arrange them nicely and properly. But because there was no system in place, they found that “properly” and “nicely” were very vague. They were five at that time.

After (Version 1)
I created a system that replicated our real life parking. The children saw the adults parked their cars at the parking lot, so they were familiar with the parking concept. So I made the “parking spaces” for each scooter and bike. The children were excited. After one briefing to them, they were able to do it without any hassle. The only thing I did was to use the thin masking tape and taped it to the floor.


Another view of the “parking lot.” And this is my favorite photo 🙂

After (Version 2)
When my children upgraded their small bikes with training wheels to bigger bikes with 2 wheels, Yay! They no longer need training wheels because they achieved another milestone of learning to balance and coordinate their bodies while cycling! Because of that, the arrangement of the bikes and scooters had to be changed.

Because the bikes were longer, the “parking spots” were made to be slanting instead of straight. The scooters, on the other hand, were still parked straight as normal.

I added something new. Can you spot it? Yes, the labels. I used the thick masking tape and marker pen to write down their names, types of “vehicles” and drew a picture of the “vehicle.” The labels acted as their “designated parking lot.” I wrote their names and drew a picture because they only knew how to read their names and pictures helped them to differentiate between bikes and scooters as they couldn’t read that yet. I told the children that it was their exclusive parking lot, like how managers had their own designated car park. The labels on the wall had their name and a picture of the bike/scooter so that they can park accordingly. This strategy was working great to prevent them from fighting as previously, the children were fighting for a particular “parking spot.” After the “parking spots” were assigned to them, it was peaceful again.

I also moved all their indoor scooters to outside because they were tearing down the inside of the house. It was difficult for them to tell apart the difference between indoor and outdoor activities. Once the scooters were out, they could focused on their indoor activities e.g. art & craft and constructive play instead of cycling, scootering and running in the house. When they wanted to do outdoor activities, they would request to go outdoor. Phew, what a relief for me! No more angry mom who always shouting and screaming in the house.

When my children learnt about car number plates, we used the thick mask tape and write down few letters and numbers as their number plates and stick them to their bikes. I also used the mask tape to write down their “number plates” and stick them to the wall as their “designated parking lot” to simulate the real designated car park which they saw this many times at the real parking lots. Using the concept they had learnt, the children had to match their names and number plates to park their bikes/scooters accordingly.

When I set up the second version of the parking, the children had a play pretend. To ensure the children observe the ground rules to put park their bikes and scooters after using, we played a game of town council officer, police officer and driver. One child was the police officer, one child was the town council officer and one child was the driver. The officers need to ensure the driver park properly at the parking lot, otherwise they can choose to issue summon or tow the bike away. So if anyone who didn’t observe the rule, I only look for the officers and ask to summon or tow away, immediately all of them will put back and arrange the bikes and scooters. Well, this sort of reminder is far better and effective than instructing them to put back and they show no sense of cooperating.

These are the only tools I used to create the “parking lots”:
1. Black marker pen
2. Scissor
3. Thin masking tape for the “parking” lines
4. Thick masking tape for the labels of “designated car park” and “car number plate.”




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